Frequently asked questions

When is the next event?

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Do I have to bring my ID

Yes please, we need to check your ID to verify your age and that the ticket is yours.

How can I make sure that I get tickets in time?

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How can I become a sponsor?

Thank you very much for your interest in working with us! For any questions please email us at [email protected]

What do sponsors get?

a) Tons of exposure and brand positioning. Oh, and boatloads of fun! <3 b) By rubbing shoulders with icons in the space and showcasing their flagship products, we provide exceptional, year round promotions for our sponsor and grow their audiences using our digital media expertise.

Can I get a free ticket?

Sure, affiliates, partners, sponsors and committed members of the community are all eligible! Just send us an email - [email protected] with the subject line ‘Free Ticket’

Get in touch?

Yes please. We are an equal opportunity team. Diversity and inclusion are our core values and what make us who we are. Drop us an email at [email protected] to find out about working or volunteering! <3

Are dogs allowed?

Most of our events are pet friendly, but it depends on the location and venue! Contact us to check for the particular event you are interested in